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June 28, 2021

Giving your home a new look can always be so exciting. It adds value to your property, but also lets you explode with creativity! There’s so many questions that fall into remodeling your landscaping, so this blog is to help you narrow those questions out and really focus on the most important ones. Do you understand my vision? How long is the estimated time of the whole project? What does the landscaping process look like? Can you provide information about your materials? And What should I expect to experience? 

Do you understand my vision? 

The number 1 top question is if your landscaper understands your vision. The most disappointing situation is dumping money into a home project and it not turning out the way you desired, all because of a landscaper not understanding your requests. Ask rhetorical and open ended questions to your landscaper. You need to make sure they understand what you are asking for, and if they don’t understand, it’s time to find a new company to satisfy your needs. To avoid this problem, Don’t hesitate to sketch up your ideas on your own and show your landscaper. Showing them multiple pictures and examples of what you want will put you at an advantage of achieving your perfect project. Another step you should take is asking the landscaper for images or addresses of other projects they have done, so you can see for yourself if the landscaper is even capable of making your vision come to life.  

How long is the estimated time of the whole project?

Asking how long your home project will take is not a burden. A lot of landscaping projects are large and defacing of your home, which you have to look at until it is complete. For example if you are having your driveway ripped up and repaved, you have to make alterations to park elsewhere while the project is in motion. So, ask your potential landscaper for an estimated time frame, as well as others. Comparing landscapers quotes and time frames is something you definitely want to dedicate some time to doing, to make sure you are getting the best of the best.

What does the landscaping process look like?

Like previously stated, landscaping can get messy, nevertheless, loud. Make sure to ask your landscaper for a birds eye view of your project and how they plan to approach it.  If the landscaper is experienced, they will do one side of the project at once, like cutting it in half. Another step you need to take before moving forward in your project, is informing the landscaper of any flaws your yard might currently have, like water ponding or uneven levels on the foundation, telling your contractor these things will help them avoid problems down the road, and also help you. Your landscaper should fix the current flaws so that your project will turn out PERFECT! 

Can you provide information about your materials?

Requesting information about the landscapers suppliers for their materials is very crucial. You want to make sure you are getting the best of the best. Ask your Landscaper for a list of their vendors. Also ask micro-focused questions on their materials, for example, for a specific plant, when will it mature? Who should I contact if something goes wrong or if I’m not satisfied? A lot of plants have a hard time in the transportation process, so make sure to keep your landscaper on stand-by even after the project is complete, in case your plants die, because, realistically, what could be worse than that?

What should I expect to experience?

Using your creative mind and letting your ideas come to life can be so exciting! But you also need to be aware of what’s to come your way. If we circle back to asking the landscaper about their suppliers, another informational question to ask is what maintenance you should be expecting, and honestly, how to avoid it. Life is busy, not everyone has time to fulfill complex plant needs, so asking your landscaper to install low maintenance plants- while still keeping your request a priority-AND teach you about the plants being installed is very important.