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Tree removal is the service we provide to our clients all across Florida. There are many reasons you might need to remove a tree from your property, it might be for your safety, the safety of your family members, as well as for protection of your property. The need for tree removal is for homes, businesses, buildings, storefronts, and public/government property.

All of us here at Accurate landscaping and tree service only remove trees at either customer discretion or if it’s absolutely necessary. We have seen situations where people seriously got hurt by falling branches, and even falling trees! Think about it…. If trees that had damaged homes, buildings, windows or hurt people had been removed in the proper way the damages could be prevented. We will remove the trees to make you and your family safe. So in certain situations, tree removal does become a necessity.

Most of tree removal service calls that we receive are due to weather caused damage. This would be due to the result of harsh weather conditions such as rain/lightning storms and even snow/ice. Also additional weight on tree branches are also reasons for the branches falling.

We wish you never experience the destruction caused by a fallen tree or large branch on your property, but if you need our help, feel free to ask us for on-site inspection. We have 40 plus years of experience in handling such delicate situations.

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