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June 24, 2021

Accurate Enterprise has been in business for over 35 years! As we progressed in our journey as a successful business, we’ve met a lot of amazing people and experienced thousands of jobs. Everyday is a new opportunity to grow and expand our business. We take pride in our company and our clients. Our #1 priority, as we start each day, is to satisfy our customers. We provide multiple services, demolition and land clearing, marine construction, tree and landscaping, automobile recoveries, heavy hauling, and of course, building and engineering. We are contractors in all companies. We are also insured and licensed in all. One of our favorite services to provide is hurricane clean-up. We love helping people and relieving stress from them, but also being the core help in a traumatic experience. We were one of the main companies that helped clean up the Florida Keys when hurricane Irma hit. As we are located on the east coast of Florida, we experience a lot of tropical depressions and hurricanes, so as we go through the motions of cleaning up and assisting our locals in our town, we understand the feelings that come with these storms for people in other locations. Which is why we enjoy taking care of people. We have invested in over 25 large machines to help in any type of project. We are also very consistent with our work and always keep ourselves busy. In our free time, we enjoy working on our house located in Sebastian, Florida. And to us, family is everything. The team who runs our companies is family, and each member has their own companies. Which is why there is no job too big or small for us. We are professionals in everything. Simply the best in business.